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The Bank has a very inspiring beginning. On 01.12.1966 it was registered as "Rajkot karmchari Co-operative Bank Ltd.". Later, it was registered as "Rajkot Commercial Co-operative Bank Ltd." Mr. Jayantibhai G Kundaliya became the first Chairman. These were the people with deep and abiding ideals, faith, vision, optimism and enterpreneurial skills. These dedicated men in charge of the Society had a commendable sense of service and duty imbided in them. Even today, our honorable founders inspire a sense of awe and respect in the Bank and amongst the shareholders.

The Bank was initially set up to help families in distress who are salaried and fall under Low Income Group. The primary objective was to provide temporary accomodation to its members in eventualities such as weddings of dependent members of the family, repayment of debt and expenses of medical treatement etc.

Thanks to the sustained and continuous efforts over 50 years, after its inception, the bank has gained a strong foundation in terms of its membership, resources, assets and profits. During the last 5 years, bank has shown tremendous growth in its business. The bank believes in hard work, Team Spirit to achieve its objectives and selfless service to its Members and Customers. The Bank has progressed in its social and economic objectives and produced an image of what an ideal Bank should be. Resultantly, in year 2015-16, bank has earned Gross profit of Rs. 644.49 Lacs (despite being the small Business size of Rs. 20854 Lacs).

Recently, the Bank was granted permission for the Entire State of Gujarat Area of Operation by Reserve Bank of India. Bank's vision is to provide World Class Technologically Advanced Services to Customers of the Bank and to fulfil the changing needs and expectations of the Customers. Bank has an ambitious business expansion plan to cater the wider range of Customer Segments and across the wider geographical area.